I’m a firm believer in “Paying It Forward”!

I’m convinced that this concept, more than any other, is what gave me the inspiration and drive to pursue a career in Social Work. During my formative years, I received some much needed guidance and direction for a wonderful high school teacher that help mold my life.

After high school I went to college, but in doing so, went to college for all the wrong reasons.

confused studentAfter  what proved to be an academically poor first year, I was given my walking papers.  As a result. I walked right into a Marine recruiting office.  I grew up spending three years in the United States Marine Corps serving as a radar repair technician all around South-East Asia.   a tps 22 I then returned to college and earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from  the State University College of New York at Fredonia, graduating in May of 1976.

While looking for a teaching job, I was hired as an “over-night child care attendant” at a large residential treatment center in Western New York State, based at Rochester, NY.

What started out as a temporary stop-gap job turned into a 20 year career working with emotionally troubled children, teens  and their families as child care worker, childcare supervisor, then as a social worker and eventually social work supervisor.  a family-counseling-for-teen-addiction

While working for that residential agency I earned a Master of Social Work degree From Syracuse University School of Social Work in August of 1990.

My wife and I moved to the Tide Water area in 2000 Where I was fortunate to gain valuable experience as a clinician and mentor at three different venues.   I began a 15 year tenure, further enriching my life, as an adjunct faculty member at the  Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work of Norfolk State University until June of 2015, when the first seeds of what was to be Inner-Missions were sown. a couple

Secondly, I proudly served as a clinician/ case manager with the United States Navy from December of 2001 to September 2011.  Thirdly, I was  fortunate to have the opportunity to join a large and well respected  group mental heath private practice based in Virginia Beach, first on a part time basis from 2008 and then on a full time basis from 2011 to 2016.

In June of 2016 I left that practice to forge out on my own;12193738_1511697899155690_7514150535624408684_n creating what has become “Inner-Missions“.

I’m pleased and honored that you have taken the time to read some of the high-lights of the path that lead me to found Inner-Missions”.  My hope is it will become for you a safe haven from the stresses of life. My aim is for Inner-Missions” to be a  calm harbor, for those who enter it’s doors; that there, they will find the serenity and peace to discover their “true self”. My hope is that it becomes a place where YOU can begin to remember who you were meant to be, and take the necessary first steps on YOUR path to peace and wholeness.1-29-768x571

I would be honored to be your guide along this path. Together we can help each other; by allowing me to utilize my nearly 40 years of experience to guide you on this part of the journey,  I get to “pay it forward” yet again.  In return, you are able to use your discovered insights and new understandings to: “Pay It forward”  for someone else…   as the newly remembered YOU!


As you consider beginning your journey of self discovery with Inner-Missions, please click on the link,Contact Page to learn where in Virginia Beach the Inner-Missions office is  located, and how to make an appointment.

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