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My name is Richard St. Pierre.  I am a licensed clinical social worker by profession, a former Marine, and the founder of Inner-Missions PLLC

While I work with people from all backgrounds, my area of focus is active duty military, recently discharged or retired veterans, and their families.

As your therapist, I offer over 40 years of experience, insight, and support, as you sort through the questions and concerns that can become road-blocks in your journey of self-discovery.

  • a worried coupleHas the stress and strain of family obligations, work responsibilities and financial pressures become more than you think you can bear?  When you take on your own Inner-Mission,  we can find a path around these concerns that puts your best foot forward.
  • Do you have a teenager who is “Standing on Your Last Nerve”, with school related or behavioral issues, and you’re not sure where to turn?  a male-teenager-worried-parents Let me pilot you through the rough waters that are the teen-age years as you chart the way for your family’s collective Inner-Mission. Together we can navigate through the dangerous reefs of stress and anger, to the safe harbor of a stronger, more cohesive family.  You will gain deeper insight as you come to a better understanding of “what makes the most sense” in offering guidance and support to your teen,  while feeling better about yourself in the process.
  • thAre you, or someone you love, a returning veteran of foreign conflict? Does your relationship look and feel different now that you are back state side?  Do you, or those you love, feel lost and alone?  Do you experience a sense of frustration, even anger at them or at yourself? Are feelings of self-doubt, bitterness, and guilt surrounding you like a minefield with no apparent way through?

         As a veteran who has been in harm’s way myself:  I Understand !!! vets nam statue

Inner-Missions, as the name implies, can help you dig down deep inside yourself; to help you find the “You” you were always meant to be, illuminating the path you were always meant to take.

Let me “Welcome You Home” to a better understanding of what the next chapter of your life can look like.  Discover who you were truly meant to be:   Start your Inner-Mission today!

Richard St. Pierre LCSW

“I have always been interested in people and the human condition; in what makes us tick as individuals, and what make us work together, or not, as friends, family , or as a society.  This interest has always been part of who I am and has only deepened with time. It is a main catalyst for my choosing the profession of social work and in my becoming a clinical therapist”.

                             Let the journey begin!

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