1322As we talked about last time, people don’t always respond to us in the way we think they will. This response can take many forms, but when someone reacts in a way that we don’t expect, and is way out of the norm for them, we need to take pause before we respond and send events off in a direction none of us want.

Before we respond, we should ask ourselves these simple questions:

“What does this person want?”, “What does this person need?” “What is this person afraid to ask or say, that they could not think of anything else to say or do, than  what they just said or did?”

If we can take a few seconds to ask ourselves these simple questions we may respond in a much more compassionate and understanding way.Around the Games: Day 6 - 2014 Winter Olympic Games

At this time and season of Gratitude and Thanksgiving, Let us all look at each other, and ourselves with new eyes… and begin a new sense of understanding, forgiveness and acceptance of Ourselves and our fellow Human Beings.

As the French novelist, critic, and essayist Marcel Proust once said, ” We do not need to travel to new worlds to see new wonders; We need only to see our existing world with new eyes!”

May this beginning of the Holiday Season of 2017, bring you and yours all good things surrounded with Love, Compassion, and Peace!


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